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for rosehustle1

Written by: alanwolfmoon
Written for: rosehustle1
Rating: PG

UntitledCollapse )


for therapeute

Written by: silvia_duchessa
Written for: therapeute
Rating: R
Title: It's Like They're Married

It's Like They're MarriedCollapse )


for mrs_huddles


for maybethistime

Written by: rosehustle1
Written for: maybethistime
Rating: R
Title: We Never Were Good at Parties

We Never Were Good at PartiesCollapse )


for lauriestein

Written by: tuckp3
Written for: damelola
Rating: PG-13
A/N: the michigan backstory and house's ball being a present from cuddy is not mine. it’s from pokeitlikejello’s fic. ‘a year in misery almost sort of’.

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For: diesanften

Written for: diesanften
Written by: bardicraven
Rating: PG-13
Title: The Blue & the A-Maized

The Blue & the A-MaizedCollapse )


For: laylagalise

Written for: laylagalise
Written by: ms_dollsome
Title: Fra-gee-lay
Summary: 5 scenes from a lost holiday episode of House
Rating: R (just to be safe, nothing terribly explicit)
Disclaimer: All rights belong to Fox, David Shore, and MGM.
A/N: The scene titles/quotes are from the movie "A Christmas Story" and will hopefully amuse the person who requested this work of fiction if no one else. :-)

Fra-gee-layCollapse )


For: chippers87

Written for: chippers87
Written by: travlncarrie
Notes:For my Secret Santa. Hope you enjoy it :)

The ConferenceCollapse )


For: melissaisdown

Written for: melissaisdown
Written by: tree
Title: Sex Type Thing
Rating: NC-17
A/N: Thanks to wendelah1 for last minute beta, Americanising my spelling, and encouragement. Title is from the Stone Temple Pilots song of the same name.

Sex Type ThingCollapse )


For: lilahkat

Written For: lilahkat
Written By: pseudo_meat
Title: The Rooting Reflex
Rating: M
Disclaimer: House and Cuddy don’t belong to me!
A/N: Happy Holidays! Also, I’m Clark-G over at ff.net, if you like what you see here, you can check me out over there. I only have one fiction so far but I’m about to start another. I’m actually thinking of continuing this one over there so; we’ll see how that goes.
The Rooting ReflexCollapse )