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For: lilahkat

Written For: lilahkat
Written By: pseudo_meat
Title: The Rooting Reflex
Rating: M
Disclaimer: House and Cuddy don’t belong to me!
A/N: Happy Holidays! Also, I’m Clark-G over at ff.net, if you like what you see here, you can check me out over there. I only have one fiction so far but I’m about to start another. I’m actually thinking of continuing this one over there so; we’ll see how that goes.


Cuddy heard the all too familiar shrill cries coming from the next room. She hurriedly finished putting on her shirt and ran to the kitchen and opened the fridge and popped a bottle in the microwave and rushed back to the source of the crying. Her little girl lay in her crib, writhing around, high-pitched shrieks escaping her mouth. Cuddy had recently become familiar with Rachel’s screaming and knew that, often times, there was nothing she could do to stop it. She picked Rachel up, cradling her gently, bouncing and swaying. But Rachel roared even still.
She brought her into the kitchen and maneuvered her so that she had one free hand with which to open the microwave. She took the bottle from the open box, closed the door, and sucked a bit of liquid from it, testing the temperature. She then put the bottle in front of Rachel’s face. Rachel didn’t take it, instead continued to scream.

“Come on, Rachel. Please eat,” Cuddy pleaded. Rachel showed no mercy; she screamed relentlessly. Cuddy rocked her, keeping the bottle in place, hoping with every fiber of her being that she would take it. She heard the telltale sign of a visitor: knock at her door. She looked up worriedly in the direction of the front door and then back down at her screaming infant. She put the bottle down on the table and moved to the front door quickly. She opened the door with no make-up on, her hair up and a bit messy. She looked frazzled.
“You look good.” House said, walking past her uninvited. Cuddy rolled her eyes, watching him entering. This wasn’t the first time he’d paid her an unexpected visit since she’d gone on leave from work and it seemed like every time he stopped by she looked awful and had a merciless screaming baby in her arms. She always expected him to say ‘I told you you weren’t ready to be a mom’, but her never did. She appreciated that but was still annoyed at his dropping by at one of the most stressful times of the day: trying to get the baby to eat.
“What do you want?” She asked, clearly frustrated, as Rachel kept crying. She turned back towards her kitchen and walked to the counter top, grabbing the bottle from it.
“How’s the kid workin out for ya? Ready to trade her in for a new model?” he said, following her.

“I know you’re not here to check up on me,” she said, rolling her eyes, placing the bottle in front of Rachel’s face again.

“I miss you,” he said, attempting sincerity.

“Yeah,” she answered in disbelief. “Really, what do you want?”

“You’re not doing that right,” he said, watching her. “You can’t actually will her to eat with your eyes.”

“Oh, you think you can do better?” She scoffed.

“This is the part where you challenge me, thinking ‘what could he know about parenting?’ and I, the sorely underestimated bachelor, valiantly-“

“Yeah, yeah. Here.” She held the bottle out to him and he took, taking a few steps towards the lump of a child, shrieking, nestled in Cuddy’s arms. He took a moment to observe her, with her little bald head and cheeks rosy from screaming. “Well?” She said, looking up at him. He raised the bottle to the babies mouth, placing the nipple of the bottle softly against her cheek. The baby immediately stopped crying and turned her head, searching for the tip of the bottle to take it in her mouth and began sucking. Cuddy’s eye widened and she looked up at House grinning then back down to her baby. “I’m impressed.” She said, as she replaced House’s hand over the bottle with her own.

“It’s called the rooting reflex,” he said, still watching the infant.

“Yeah, I’m familiar with it,” she was looking up at him, smiling. “Thank you.” He nodded a ‘your welcome’ and watched the baby for a few more seconds before speaking.

“So.” He stated. “You miss your other baby yet?”

“You?” she asked, smiling with raised eyebrows.

“The hospital.” He corrected, ignoring the sentiment.

“Of course,” she said, looking down at Rachel. “But I’ve got my hands full here so I don’t dwell on it.” He nodded in response. “House. Why are you here?”

“To inform you that I was wrong about you.” She looked at him curiously.

“You were simply a placeholder. It’s the title of Dean of Medicine that made you a harpy.” She sighed with a tired smile.

“What did Cameron do?”

“Your job.” He stated. “She won’t approve my biopsy.”

“That’s odd. Knowing you, I’m assuming you’ve run all the needed tests first, ruled out all other possibilities and only then presented her with a very invasive yet completely necessary procedure. Either that or you’re a jerk who likes cutting people open first and asking questions later.”

“The first one- that’s what I’m thinking,” he nodded.

“And you’ve come here to runaround her?”

“Yep,” he nodded again. “Not going to happen. I left doctor Cameron in charge because she knows the difference between genius House and completely insane needs-to-be-stopped House.” They began walking back to the front door.

“You appointed an ad litem Dean whose qualifications are based solely on how they interact with me?” He asked in faux disbelief. “Well, I’m flattered.”

“Goodbye, House,” Cuddy said with a smile.

“You know, on her first day of work, I told her she had big shoes to fill,” he said, hanging in her doorway. She raised her eyebrows in surprise, waiting for the catch. “Wait, was it big shoes or big pencil skirts? I can’t remember,” he shrugged.

“Goodbye House,” she laughed.

“Seriously, she doesn’t have the ass for this job,” he said stepping across the threshold and out her door.

“Not many people do,” Cuddy responded, nudging the door closed with her foot. She looked down at Rachel who was still sucking away on her bottle. Rocking her, she walked back to the kitchen.
House walked to his car, his cane crunching in the slush of melting snow as he went. This was the third time House had come here on one of his lunch breaks with some medical emergency in the last two weeks. Each time she’d been less and less frazzled, getting a bit more used to being a mom every day.

He thought, as soon as she took Rachel home from the hospital, it’d be over. He thought all the feelings she’d awakened in him would go away, but they didn’t. At the very least, he thought she would be too busy to put up with him or be annoyed, making it easy for him to forget about her. But she was in good spirits and willing to put up with him now more than ever and that made her even harder to ignore.


“Have you seen Cuddy?” Wilson asked, shictong so his feet were propped up on the coffee table.

“She’s at home, House stated, his eyes glued to the tv.

“So.. no?”

“What do you think?” Wilson looked back to the TV. They sat in silence for a moment.

“Her baby’s cute,” Wilson stated.

“Yeah, I’m sure.” House slid a long piece of licorice out of the plastic bag he was holding.
“You should go see her.”

“Why would I want to do that?.”

“To show that you support her,” Wilson shrugged, reaching over and taking a piece of licorice from the bag.

“I don’t.”

“You don’t think she’d make a good mother?” he asked before biting down on the flaccid piece of red candy.

“I didn’t say that.”

“You resent her,” Wilson stated casually.

“What?” House said, with his mouth full.

“You resent that she doesn’t have room in her life for you anymore.”

“Usually, I warmly welcome your psychoanalyses but tonight-“

“You think that by adopting this baby, she’s rejecting or abandoning you.”

“The L word is on.”

“And that if you ignore her, maybe-“

“I’ve gone to see her three times since she’s gotten the baby. You happy?” House immediately went back to watching his show, not particularly wanting to talk about it.


“Yep. Now can we-“

“What happened?”

“We had sex in the baby’s crib. What do you think happened?”

“Well, why did you go see her?”

“To show her I support her,” House said sarcastically, looking at the TV once more. Wilson stared in House’s direction for several seconds before turning back to the L Word.

“You know,” he began, after a minute had passed. “She may only have room in her life for one infant right now, but if you show her that you’re not scared off by the baby, eventually she’ll-“

“I’m good.”

“You don’t still want to be with her?”

“You’re violating the sanctity of the L word.”

“Or maybe she’s so stressed over dealing with Rachel, she needs some kind of release.” House opened his mouth for a rebuttal but cut himself short, pausing to think about what Wilson had just said.

“You think so?”

“Maybe,” Wilson shrugged, looking back to the TV. With Wilson’s words finally getting to him, House looked back to the TV but was not paying any attention to what was going on onscreen.

House lay in bed, imagining how Cuddy must be knocked out by now, completely exhausted from dealing with Rachel. He didn’t have much sympathy for her; she brought this on herself. He didn’t need to wonder if he resented her, he knew he did, if only a little. They were on the verge of something with their relationship, it took him several weeks to admit it and he was finally getting to a place where he could be comfortable to be with her in some capacity and then the baby came along.

His mind wandered to what Wilson had said; perhaps Cuddy needed a release. He smiled, thinking perhaps he could help out a little, take away some of the burden. But his face turned to a more serious one when he thought about what it would be like. He always speculated that she would be a wild one. While he’s had sex with her once before, it was a long time ago, they were both in school, she was 19. She’s far different now. He didn’t know at the time that later, he’d wish he remembered every detail of it. He filled in the blanks however, with his imagination. She would probably know exactly what she was doing now. He could tell that she is the type of woman who could both take control and relinquish it. It’s hard for him to be on top nowadays, but he would manage it for her.

He pictured her perfect soft skin, the rounded curves of her ass. The way her hair would dangle down and frame his face when she leaned over to kiss him. He’d kiss her, not unlike the way he kissed her a couple months ago, desperate, hungry for more. Only now it’s leading to something inevitable. Her hands darting into his pants, gripping him, wrapping her hand around him. He’d feel shivers through his spine at every stroke. Currently, as he lay in his bed, he emulated what he imagined Cuddy to be doing in his head. She’d undo his zipper, take down his pants and his boxers and he’d rip her blouse, buttons flying everywhere and he’d pull her back down to him, their mouths colliding. She’d slide her skirt off, he’d unhook her bra and flip her so that she’s on her back and he’s on top of her. He’d duck his head down and paint his tongue over her clavicle, getting lower until he reached her breasts. He’d dote on each of them equally with his mouth and go even lower still to her panties, which would still be on. He’d slide them down her legs, leaving them wrapped around her calves. He then duck his head down to burry his mouth in her. She’d moan and he’d take his time, of course, liking the sound of her saying his name the way he’s sure she would say it. “House.” He can hear it now. Before he’s done, however, he’d stop, just as she’d was ready to come and he’d kiss his way all the way up her stomach until he got to her mouth and that’s when he’d guide himself inside of her. He’d thrust, and she’d scream, somehow magically not waking her slumbering infant, and she’d come and he’d come and he did, as he lay in his bed alone. His breathing was heavy and if he closed his eyes he could practically smell her shampoo.


House spent the next day in the hospital doing clinic duty and playing games in his office, as he didn’t have a patient at the moment. In the glaring light of day, his intimate thoughts of Cuddy seems much better off safely tucked away in the dark of his bedroom at night. But House, sitting at his desk, found his eyes falling on the exact spot in his carpet where she stood over a month ago.

“I think we’re supposed to kiss now,” she’s said. But he didn’t kiss her. He kicked himself, trying to think of what ass-backwards logic had provoked him to raise his hand and grab her breast, effectively causing her to leave, disappointed, as he knew she would.
He was pushing. That’s what he did, as soon as things started going too well or there looked like there might be a future in it. He rolled his eyes at himself, as his inner Wilson chided him.

Wilson had convinced House to go see Cuddy once before and he had. He went with every intention of knocking on her door, kissing her and then, of course, embracing whatever natural progression came after that. But he hadn’t even made it to the front door. He saw her through the window, doing work, drinking her tea, leading a life that, without him, was fine. But as soon as he knocked on her door he would have disrupted all of that and inserted himself into her life. He couldn’t decide if he was worth all that. But she would go for it regardless, though he didn’t really know why.
And now there was there’s the baby. He wondered if she would have taken the baby in if he had made it to her door that night. If she had, House thinks it might have ended their relationship, her effectively only having room in her life for one of them, as Wilson had said. He couldn’t decide if he even had a shot now and if he did, did he even want to take it.
But with him, it would always be something. His commitment issues, the baby, anything. They both had their reasons now. Maybe things have finally become too complicated. Maybe, maybe not. He argued himself into circles for hours before it reached an hour where he could reasonably go home.


“House. This is the fourth time you’ve come here with some emergency. What is it?” Cuddy asked, the next evening as House stood on her doorstep. She wasn’t annoyed, however, just curious.
“Where’s the kid?”

“Taking a nap. Finally.” She said, crossing her arms. “What’s up?”

“I think I left something the last time I was here.”

“Oh yeah?” She said with a chuckle.

“Yeah, my cane.” She laughed, looking down for his cane, which was missing.

“Where’s your cane?” She asked, suddenly concerned, sitting up from where she was propped against the door frame.

“I’m telling you, I left it.”

“Really?” For a moment, she thought it may be true; she’d been so distracted, there could be a cane in the middle of her kitchen and she could have missed it.

“No, it’s in the car.” He relented, pointing his thumb over his shoulder. She laughed again.
“Then what are you doing here? Or was the cane just a lame excuse to come see me?” She’d been joking when she said it, but when he didn’t answer, her smile faded.

“No, I actually came here to see Rachel. I have a bone to pick with her.”


“Yeah, she gave me some bad financial advice.” Cuddy laughed again, becoming suspicious of his motives.

“Really, House. Why are you here?” He didn’t answer her at first.

“Well, yesterday you didn’t know which hole the food goes in so I thought I’d check up on you.”
“Noble of you,” she nodded slowly. They stood in silence for a moment, staring at each other. He felt his confidence dwindle with each passing moment. He felt the urge to leave shaking the pain in his thigh. She took a step in his direction and he saw it coming from a mile away and he made a decision to see it though. She took another step forward and stopped as if asking him to meet her half way. He took an awkward shuffled step in her direction until there were no more steps to take. They’ve been here before.

“House. I can’t do this again.” She paused and he looked down, nodding. “You kiss me, then you act like it didn’t mean anything and we have a few days of confusion until you grab my breast and make me realize that it’s all a mistake.” He chuckled at the memory. “I don’t want to do that. Not now.” She glanced behind her quickly. He hadn’t really thought out the logistics in his fantasy the night before. He never did. Either she was poll dancing for him in a catholic school girl’s outfit or she was having sex with him in various locations, it didn’t matter. He never thought about what came after or how it would make her feel. It wasn’t practical and certainly not conducive to his purposes: getting off. In his head, she was his plaything, but now looking at her standing there he saw her for what she really was and all of a sudden it mattered to him. Her feelings mattered.

“Goodnight,” he said quickly.

“Goodnight.” They were both reluctant to move but she turned first. Walking back to the door and over the threshold.

“Cuddy.” She around to look at him. “It was stupid. I knew it was stupid.”


“Groping you. I should have kissed you. I know that now.” Her eyes widened and they stared at each other again.

“Maybe it isn’t too late.” He stood for a second but then, deciding not to waste another moment, he progressed towards her, with his jagged gait. Immediately her arms shot up to cup his cheeks as his mouth met hers. His tongue snaked from his mouth and found hers, open and warm. Her tongue stroked his eagerly and her hands pulled at the lapels of his coat. He felt the sweat under his shirt even though it was cold outside. He pulled at her waist, tugging her into him. He lifted a hand to run through her hair that fell playfully at her shoulders.
Suddenly he felt cold, abandoned as she pulled away from him.

“My feet are cold. Do you want to come inside?” Looking down, he saw her bare feet on the wet pavement of her walkway. He nodded and followed her inside. As soon as she shut the door, he was ready to resume what they had started. But she pulled back before he could reach her. “What happens after this?” she asked, her face showing concern.

“I don’t know.”

“What happens when the baby wakes up? Are you going to freak out and leave?”

“I don’t know.” She stood, mulling it over. “I can’t make any promises.” Part of him wanted to (which worried him) but he knew that he couldn’t, at least not without the possibility of completely shattering them by morning.

“Maybe this is a mistake.” She was thinking hard, looking off unintentionally at a picture of her sister on her mantle in the other room.

“Maybe,” he conceded. “Maybe not.”

“Profound,” she stated. He chuckled.

“Sure, you’re a mom and that’s weird for me. And I’m not a relationship guy, which was already the problem, so there’s that too. But I thought about all of the reasons why not to before I decided to come over here and then there was the whole car ride but now I’m here anyway. The rest is up to you.” She couldn’t help but smile at his discomfort at making romantic speeches.
“You. Being vulnerable.” She laughed a little and he smiled, ducking his head down as he often did in times similar to these. “Come here,” she said, almost seductive. Like the Cuddy he knew and loved. She took pity on him though and went to him, knowing how difficult it must be without his cane. She gripped his face again, a hand on either side. This time his hands roamed her body, over her hips and stomach and breasts. She tried to walk backwards towards her bedroom but he stumbled and she had to steady him. He was weaker without his cane and she felt warm somehow, in her chest at being shown this vulnerability. He kept walking however, limping towards her bedroom, not wanting to dwell on his misfortune. She silently agreed by walking with him, he leaned into her and she helped him steady himself as they walked into her bedroom and House was prepared to find out just how wild the Dean had become over the years.
They stumbled back into bedroom and onto her bed. He took his coat and blazer of and tossed them to the floor. He laid back and propped his elbows up to climb backward so that he was completely reclined. She began unbuttoning her comfortably oversized button-up blouse.
“Wait,” he said, holding out a hand to stop her. “Let me do that.” She giggled and slowly moved on top of him, careful to avoid his scar. He unbuttoned her blouse but was taking his time at it. She wanted to remind him that the baby could wake up at any moment but refrained, thinking it best that she not bring up her motherhood at a time like this. He unbuttoned the last button, revealing a black bra that gripped her breasts tightly. She slid the shirt off of her arms dismounted him, taking a moment to remove her pants. He looked at her, standing in front of him and he was in awe. Much like in his stripper fantasy. She leaned down to unbutton his pants and pulled them down his, achingly slow. She was probably afraid she might hurt him. She threw his jeans to the floor and pulled his boxers down and he truly was exposed. Not only was he half naked, but his scar was out in the open as well but Cuddy didn’t dwell. She climbed on his lap and lifted his shirt up and over his head and tossed it.

His hands slid up the smooth skin of her back and she slid the backs of her hands over his gruff stubble. He laid back completely on the bed, taking her with him and he felt her hair tickle the sides of his face as her hair dangled, as he’d imagined it would. She was in control of the kisses right now and she made them soft and gentle. He wasn’t having that at the moment and flipped her in one rapid thrust so that she was on the bottom. He heard her giggle again and for a moment the thought slipped in his head that he could hear that sound for the rest of his life and die a happy man. He kissed her deeply, stroking her tongue and she moaned into his mouth.

He broke their kiss and trailed kisses down to her collarbone, rushing his tongue over it, unable to take his time. He made his way to her breasts, his tongue dancing over each nipple, taking his time on each, as he knew he would. He kissed and sucked to his satisfaction and her thighs tightened around him and he could feel that she was ready for something more. He lowered his head, kissing her torso, down her abdomen, to her pelvis and then to the place that made her gasp as soon as his tongue flicked over it. He felt her hand on the back of his head, raking though his hair. His tongue worked and massaged and her head rose up and down on her pillow. Moisture seeped from her and he lapped it up eagerly, feeling the stiffness between his legs grow. He kept going until he felt her body begin to quake. He raised his head up to go to her face.

“House!” She practically shouted, momentarily forgetting to be quiet. “House!” she repeated in a quieter tone. He quickly moved his mouth to hers, guiding himself inside of her. She kissed him with a hungry passion. She grabbed at his shoulders as he rocked over her. The setting sun outside cast a red glow over everything and they moved together. She arched her back with each thrust he made, to lessen the stress on his sore muscle. Their bodies met half way with each rhythmic movement. He ducked his head down to her shoulder and inhaled her sent, kissing her clavicle, running his tongue along the beads of sweat that were beginning to form.
It wasn’t too long before they’d built something together, that any moment would crash down in the most incredible explosion that either of them had ever experienced.

“House,” she said his name again, and he sighed, loving the sounds of it. She felt his response and smiled, knowing how he liked it. “Oh, House,” She sighed, wanting him to love every second of this. “Oh my god,” she breathed into his ear. He raised his face to look into her eyes and they rocked together. As soon as his blue eyes met hers, the climax truly began. “Oh!” she tried to keep her voice down. “Ugh!” She let out a moan as he pushed, their eyes still looking into one another. He grunted, breathing heavily, and they moved faster and faster until neither could stand it and he could barely hold himself up. They came, tangled up in one another. He immediately collapsed on top of her and she giggled once more, He smiled, feeling her chest rising and falling beneath him. He rolled off of her and looked over to see the glistening of her bare chest; the sight of which could have made a grown man cry. He looked up at her and she smiled at him. Half of his tired mouth curved into a lazy smile. “Incredible,” she stated and his smile grew larger. He opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by the faint, far off whining of her infant. She sighed, lifting herself up.

“Sorry,” she said, grabbing the corner of her sheet and pulling on it, he moved out of the way so she could take it from the bed and wrap it around herself. “I’ll see if she’ll go back down. Will you be here when I get back?”

“I would probably be an idiot not to. So maybe,” he said looking at her silhouette against the setting sun. Cuddy went to the baby and, to her surprise, Rachel did go back to sleep after a few short minutes of rocking. When she turned to go she saw House in the doorway, with his pants and his shirt on.

“You’re pretty good with her,” he stated, almost as if it weren’t a compliment.
“Thank you,” she whispered, following him out and shutting the door behind her. She eyed him curiously, wondering what he was planning to do. She wouldn’t really blame him if he decided to go, he didn’t sign on for this.

“I’m hungry,” he said casually. “Are you hungry?” She smiled at him, and he smiled back, hoping she’d make him some pancakes. That would truly make this the single greatest night of his life.



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Jan. 2nd, 2009 09:46 pm (UTC)
loved it
Jan. 11th, 2009 05:23 pm (UTC)
OMG, lovely. I love that House managed to man up and make a try for what he wanted. ♥
Apr. 18th, 2014 12:22 am (UTC)
Just happened upon this fic. Terrific! I had no idea you were Clark-G over at FF. Love your fics!!!
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