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for maybethistime

Written by: rosehustle1
Written for: maybethistime
Rating: R
Title: We Never Were Good at Parties

“So, are you going to Tawny Skylar’s bon voyage party?” Lisa asked Greg as they settled down at their usual spot near the far corner of the library.

“Why would I do that? Tawny still hates me for last year’s back from mono party.” He said as he drank some brandy from a flask.

“Greg, I’m sure she’s forgotten all about you throwing up all over her bedspread… besides she was quite blitzed herself…I’m going.” She added softly.

Greg put his flask down and studied her closely.

“Is that your subtle way of asking me to ask you?”

“No. Why would I even consider the idea of you asking me on a date? I mean, it’s not like we have spent every night together for the past two months or talked on the phone everyday for at least an hour. Wow, I would be completely nuts to read anything in to that.” She replied with a roll of her eyes. He grinned at her attempt at sarcasm.

“You don’t even like Tawny. You said she goes down on anyone with a car.”

“Yeah, but her parties are fun. Anyway, with you there everything will be easier.”

Greg leaned back against his chair and took another swig of his drink. Lisa sighed.

“Will you at least try to hide the flask behind a text book so we don’t get in trouble?”

“We are well hidden back here. I could work some masterful moves on you, and no one would know the wiser.” He said as he leaned forward and gazed at her cleavage. She blushed.

“Greg, stop trying to distract me. I need an answer. Are you going or not?”

“…Why is this so important?”

She bit her lower lip and looked off to the side.

“I would like us to be a real couple. Real couples go out to parties, movies, and restaurants.”

“Hmmm. But by your logic, one would have to have the title of ‘couple’ to have to partake in such activities.”

“What does that mean?” She asked a bit louder than she intended.

“We have a great time together and spend time together, but I have never heard you call me your boyfriend. Hell, you haven’t even told your roommate about us.” He said in a harsh tone.
“That’s because you have never called me your girlfriend. I didn’t want to freak you out. God, everyone knows about your avoidance of commitment!” She nearly yelled in frustration. He narrowed his eyes at her.

“You keep as much distance as I do.” He said as he leaned forward again, but without the flirtatious intent of before. She leaned forward in response.

“I am so tired of your shit! If you want to be with me then really be with me. Otherwise….”


“I’ll go to the party by myself and hopefully meet someone new.” She said with a menacing smile. Greg grimaced at the visual she had given him.

“Rather immature, don’t you think?”

She chuckled at his response.

“I guess you would know. Bye, Greg.” She stated as she picked up her books and walked out of the library. Greg slammed the table with his hand.

“Hey, G-man! Get your ass in here and hear this new song I created for the band.” Dylan yelled to Greg from the living room of their apartment. Greg sighed in annoyance but stood up to go to Dylan’s room.

“Crandall, I’m not in the mood…”

“G-man, what’s wrong? You are usually always in the mood to jam.”

Greg rubbed his forehead and sat down on the nearest chair.

“I think I may have screwed up the best non-relationship relationship I have had since…well, since ever.”

Dylan put his guitar down and sat across from Greg.

“This is about the cute brunette, Lilly, who is here almost every night…”

“It’s Lisa, and yes.”

“Just suck it up man and tell her you fucked up. Women like to hear apologies…I know that’s not your strong suit.”

Greg rolled his eyes.
The Party

“Lise, I am so glad you made it. It’s such a nice night for a party.” Tawny slurred in to Lisa’s ear.
“Yeah, a beach party was a great idea…But how could you afford this?”

Tawny laughed and threw an arm around her.

“See, that hot guy standing near the bon fire. He is a rich kid, and we have been hooking up the last few weeks. He’s so good in bed it almost makes up for the fact that he drives a Ferrari. Uhh, Lamborghini’s are so much hotter.”

“Ain’t that the truth?” A snarky voice replied from behind the two women. Lisa turned around to find a Hawaiian shirt clad Greg smirking back at her. Tawny instantly frowned.

“Greg, come here to throw up on the bon fire?” Tawny asked as she crossed her arms in front of her chest. Lisa grinned at him.

“Well, you know what I say; you haven’t had a great party until someone has puked the fire out. But the way you’re slurring I think you may gain that coveted title tonight.”

She rolled her eyes and turned back to Lisa.

“He must be amazing at oral because I can’t see any other reason to put with that mouth.” She stated as she stalked off to find her most recent boy toy.

Lisa turned to Greg once more, and a noticeable blush had spread across her face and cleavage.
“Well, she’s half right.” Lisa stated with a laugh. Greg raised an eyebrow and then pretended to pout.

“See, a guy comes to a lame beach party to prove to a girl he wants her and she knocks him down…”

Lisa moved closer and placed a finger to his lips.

“I’m glad you are here.” She said as she removed her finger.

“Me too.”
“I like this side of the beach.” He said as he helped her climb up the sandy hill.

“It is nice to be away from all the wasted frat boys.” She said as she sat down next to him and leaned against his shoulder. He gently put his arm around her in response.

“Why did you change your mind tonight?”

He looked at the crashing waves and the half moon in the sky.

“Because I like being with you more than being without you.” He said in the most sincere voice she had ever heard. She smiled to herself and leaned against him even more.

“I wouldn’t have hooked up with anyone. I said that because I was mad.” She said.

“I know…I am not good at relationships, Lisa…I guess that’s why I didn’t want to define this.”

“I know what you mean, but I would like to take a chance…”

He pulled back from her a bit and looked in to her eyes.

“I have something for you.” He said as he fished in to his shorts pocket. When he took his hand out he revealed a beautiful silver shell. Lisa traced her finger against the smooth surface.

“That’s pretty. Where’d you find it?”

“It took some scavenging but I found it buried under some sand by the pier.”

He placed the shell in her hand.

“Whatever happens…this is something simple and beautiful that will always be between us.” He said softly. She had unshed tears in her eyes and from what she could tell he had some in his too. She leaned in and kissed his lips.

Smells like Sex and Syrup

“G-man! Is that pancakes I smell coming from the…”

“Kitchen.” Greg finished the sentence for his friend who was dumbfounded by the image of Greg and Lisa clad only in bed sheets as they shared a chair in the kitchen. Lisa sat on Greg’s lap as the two ate their blueberry pancakes.

“Hello, I think we’ve met a few times.” Dylan said to Lisa in a flustered tone. She smiled coyly at him.

“But never like this, right?” She asked with a giggle. Greg laughed at Dylan’s attempts to look everywhere else but at them.


“Yeah, G-man?”

“Get the hell out of here!”

“Yeah, bye!” Dylan said quickly as he bolted from the room.

“Well, that went well.” Greg said with a wolfish grin. Cuddy playfully rolled her eyes and kissed his scruffy cheek.

“You know, you should wear this scruff more often. I really like it.”

The End



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Jan. 17th, 2010 09:45 pm (UTC)
this fic was awesome i wish it wasnt a one shot
Jan. 18th, 2010 02:25 am (UTC)
Thanks! Glad u enjoyed it.
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