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for rosehustle1

Written by: alanwolfmoon
Written for: rosehustle1
Rating: PG

House sat on the couch, Rachel sitting in his lap, reaching forwards as he read the book he was holding front of her. He looked up, when slow, unsteady footsteps came out into the livingroom, “You look like hell.”

Cuddy gave him a tired eye-roll, and slowly moved into the room, sitting next to him on the couch, “You were going shopping... can you take Rachel? I really don’t feel up to watching her.”

House shrugged, “Yeah, I guess.”

Cuddy leaned against his arm, “I’m going to go back to bed... I think I’m going to pass out.”

House frowned at her, and reached over, resting his hand against her forehead, then frowning further, “You’re burning up.”

Cuddy nodded tiredly, “since this morning... I think I’ve got the flu.”

House nodded shifting Rachel on his lap. She looked up at him, mouth open, then looked at Cuddy, “Uh?”

Cuddy smiled at the baby girl, gently reaching and brushing a hand through her hair, “It’s alright, honey. House is gonna take you shopping, honey.”

Rachel yawned, and rested her head back against House’s chest, curling her hand in House’s shirt. House smiled a bit, and shifted her more onto her left leg, off his bad thigh. Cuddy smiled tiredly, and got to her feet, “I’m going to rest...”

House nodded, watching her shuffle miserably into the bedroom. Then he looked down at Rachel, “Let’s get you dressed–it’s cold outside.”

She blinked up at him, and toddled after him when he set her on the floor. House bundled her up into a jacket, and snow boots, and then picked her up on his hip, carrying her to the car, and settling her carseat. He limped around into the drivers seat, didn’t start the car, dialing Wilson’s number on his cellphone–there was no way he would be able to carry Rachel and the stuff he needed to buy.

Wilson sighed, walking down his steps onto the sidewalk, and opening the door of House’s car, leaning down, “House?”

House nodded, “Yeah, hey, get in.”

Wilson rolled his eyes, getting in the passenger seat, “Hey, what’s up?”

“Cuddy’s got the flu.”

Wilson nodded, “Sorry to hear that.”

House shrugged, “She’s gonna be fine.”

Wilson rolled his eyes again, “that’s not why I said I was sorry... you know, just forget it.”
House smirked at him, briefly, and Wilson glared, before looking over his shoulder at a sound from the back of the car. He frowned, and looked at House, “You’re bringing Rachel?”

“Why else would I call you to go shopping with me? We aren’t women, Wilson. Cuddy’s too sick to watch her.”

“So, what, you called me to carry your kid?”

House looked at his friend, and said, quietly, “She’s not my kid.”

Wilson sobered a bit, “She is.”

“No. She’s Cuddy’s kid.”

Wilson shook his head, “Whatever, House.”

Wilson picked up a tie, “this’s be good for Chase...”

House looked up from flipping through socks, “you’re a moron. I’m not getting Chase a present.”

“Why not?”

“He’d probably start crying if I did.”

Wilson rolled his eyes, shifting Rachel on his hip, “why, out of shock?”

“I’m already looking after a kid, I don’t need another one.”

Wilson shook his head, and put the tie in House’s basket anyway.

House sat down at the table in the mall food court. He’d stuck Rachel in a high-chair, while Wilson went to get food. House turned to the plate Wilson handed him, and started cutting some of it up into baby-sized pieces.

Wilson walked over to him, as he stood at the counter, frowning down at the cases. Wilson shifted Rachel on his hip, smiling, “you thinking about getting her something?”
House rolled his eyes, “no.”

But then he looked back down at the jewelry cases. Wilson smiled, and joined him at the counter, looking down, “those earrings are nice.”

House was silent for a moment. Then he spoke, quietly, “I wasn’t looking at earrings, Wilson.”

Wilson looked at his friend, frowning a bit, “a necklace...?”

House met his friend’s eyes, “no.”

Wilson smiled, “well...then it’d probably be better to look in a jewelry store instead of the jewelry section of a department store.”

House shrugged, and then took Rachel from Wilson–she was starting to fuss. He sat her on the counter, “look, kid, it’ll just be a bit longer, kay?”

She blinked at him, “uh?”

“Yeah, exactly,” he picked her up, shifting her against his shoulder. She hid her face in his neck.

Wilson sighed, watching his friend, “House...”

House looked at him, “what?”

“Do you want me to babysit her tomorrow?”

House frowned a bit, and shook his head, “no.”

“if you’re going to–“

“I’m not proposing on Christmas. My dad did that, was annoying as hell.”

“How was it annoying?”

“He’d go have sex with my mom all Christmas day and I’d get stuck at Oma’s place with all eight-million cousins.”

Wilson snorted, “I see what you mean.”

House sighed, dumping his bags on the floor just inside the apartment, limping inside with Rachel on his hip, “Cuddy...”

The bedroom door was closed, so he assumed she was sleeping. He looked at Wilson, “I’ll see you tomorrow, right?”

Wilson smiled, “who else is gonna cook for you two?”

House snorted, “I can cook, you know.”

“I know, believe me, I remember. But I think I’d rather just eat a dried out turkey than one of your creations.”

“You’re weird.”

Wilson chuckled, “happy solstice, House.”

House nodded absently, “goodnight, Wilson.”

Wilson smiled, and left. House turned back to the bedroom, carrying Cuddy’s sleeping daughter on his hip, and put her in the crib beside the bed. Cuddy was asleep under the blankets, and House slipped in between the sheets, gently putting his arm around her back.

Cuddy stirred, slightly, opening her eyes, “House...?”

He nodded, “feeling any better?”

Cuddy gave him a weak smile, “how’s that song go? I feel shitty, oh so shitty?”

House chuckled, “yeah, well...”

He pulled her into his arms, and she tucked her head under his chin, curling her hand in his shirt, “House...”


“Your keys are digging into my side...”

House snorted, pulling out the offending object–which wasn’t his keys.

Cuddy looked at the small, midnight blue box, and then at him, “House?”


“That had better not be what I think it is.”

House frowned, and let go, clearly hurt, “what...”

“Because I’m not having you propose to me when I feel this shitty.”
House put the box on the bedside table, and held her tightly, with relief and affection. After a moment, he spoke, murmuring into her ear, “I love you.”

But she was already asleep.

House sighed, and just gently kissed the top of her head. Her hand tightened a little bit in his shirt, and she coughed a bit, then was still, sleeping peacefully with her head on his chest. Rachel fussed in the crib, and House reached over with the arm not around Cuddy’s back, rocking the crib back and forth. Rachel calmed, and House closed his eyes, absolutely certain that this was where he wanted to be.


He opened his eyes. Cuddy raised her head, looking down at him. He raised an eyebrow, “yes?”

“I changed my mind.”

He frowned, “on what?”

“I can’t wait.”

House grinned, and reached for the box, just as Rachel started to cry. He sighed, Cuddy smiled, and he got up to go calm their baby girl.

The End



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Jan. 19th, 2010 06:21 am (UTC)
This was so great! I really loved his subtle affections for Rachel in this story. Thanks for writing it alanwolfmoon.
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