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For: me

Written for: Me. LOL.
Written by: pokeitlikejello
Title: Eight Gifts for Hanukkah
Disclaimer: All rights belong to Fox and David Shore. I make no money from this.
Summary: It’s the holidays and House, of course, has his games.
Author’s Note: This takes place this December (2008), but I’m basically ignoring season five so this fic can remain pretty general and completely spoiler free.

Eight Gifts for HanukkahCollapse )


For: tree

Written for: tree
Written by: melissaisdown
Title: Beautiful Lie
Rating: M
Pairing: House/Cuddy
Summary: The first week they worked together.
Angsty, contemplative preseries [long] oneshot with direct reference
to the "You gave me everything I wanted because one night I gave you..."
quote from 'Top Secret.' Notes: Written for ss_huddy. Lifted lines from the
show and song lyrics scattered throughout. 7,500 words.
Please enjoy my secret santa recipient!

Beautiful LieCollapse )


For: loudxmusic

Written For: loudxmusic
Written by: melanie_anne
Title: Changes
Rating: PG
Summary: House has never liked to share and Cuddy cannot help but worry that he might resent Hannah's presence in her life.
Disclaimer: Not my characters.
Notes: I haven't actually seen any of season 5, but this is based on the spoilers that I've read.

ChangesCollapse )


For: ms_dollsome


For: pokeitlikejello

For: pokeitlikejello
By: fiddlings
Title: One Saturday
Rating: PG
Notes: I don't have just one favorite Christmas song, being the Christmas nut that I am. But I included one of my most-loved ones. :) I apologize it couldn't be longer; my muse is a bit fickle. I hope you enjoy! ♥

One SaturdayCollapse )


For: kerryaod


For scandaloussteph


For: ashe_frost

Written for: ashe_frost
Written by: Catherine (hihoplastic)
Title: Domestic Bliss
Rating: PG.13
Word Count: ~2000
Summary: 'You seriously would rather watch this than make out with me?'

Domestic BlissCollapse )


For: travlncarrie

Written for: travlncarrie
Written by: chippers87
Title: Coffee Talk and Puzzles
Rating: G (downright pristine)
Summary: Throwing the door to the small shop open, Cuddy huffed and puffed her way into the seat across from his. Four-inch heels and four-block walks just did not agree with Princeton-Plainsboro winters.
Spoilers: Season 4, in very general terms. This takes place a couple days after “It’s a Wonderful Lie.”
A/N: Happy Holidays to anyone and everyone and especially whoever receives this story. It’s short, but fairly fluffy. I’m not even sure there’s a plot. I hope you like it! (And sorry that Wilson could make an appearance in name only. :))

Coffee Talk and PuzzlesCollapse )


For: hihoplastic

Written For: hihoplastic
Written By: ashe_frost
Title: Stipulations
Rating: PG 13 (language)
Disclaimer: House MD is owned by Fox and was created by David Shore. I have no part in his maintenance or origin.
Note: An AU of Birthmarks if Cuddy would’ve driven House to the hospital. I hope you like it, recipient!
StipulationsCollapse )